Zero Gravity

Everything is ok. A signal that means we enjoy a dive in lion face reef in caldera beach santorini
Everything is ok. A signal that means we enjoy a dive in “Lion Face” reef in Caldera Beach Santorini

It’s difficult to describe an experience if we don’t try it out first. It’s equally strange to explain anything that we can’t taste anywhere else except the bottom of the sea. Swimming and snorkeling are hobbies we do in an environment which combines the atmospheric pressure and the liquid element. But, is this enough to realize the real sense of lack of gravity? Sure not!
The benefits of diving experience are.

– Scuba Diving is the only experience that can give us a real sense of how to fly. Freely flying, like in the …moon!
– Scuba Diving experience is perhaps the only experience that can change our lives. Escape from our daily stressful problems.
– Scuba Diving offers us a completely different world. It brings us to the beginning of life.
– Self-contained underwater breathing apparatus, (scuba) can be the best hobby of our lives.
– Take action and protect the environment. It brings us in touch with the environment, ecosystem, and awareness to protect it. This is the experience of scuba diving!