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  • We are saddened to announce that by April 27, all plans for 2020 will be suspended due to the quarantine for the COVID-19 virus.
  • It is time to prepare more for the future of the environment and the preservation of the ocean.

Pollution Prevention 2019

The Marine “Pollution Prevention” Program for 2019 was completed with 4 underwater cleanups in Santorini, 2 coastal and 10 in 5 Cycladic islands. All the actions were done with the help and cooperation by the “Sea Change Greek Islands” program of the AC Laskaridis Charitable Foundation. At the same time, “Dive In Action” completed the first cycle of observations, recordings, and sampling, assisting in related programs. An overview of the actions and findings of particular interest will be published shortly.

                Clean Up Day 31/07/2019  Clean Up Day 31/07/2019  CLEANUP DAY 31/07/2019

We have good results when we work together. Proof of the first underwater and coastal cleaning in Caldera Beach. Six certified divers and six sensitized citizens removed 350kg of plastic and other pollutants from the seabed and beach.
A planned action under “Pollution Prevention 2019”
Co-organization, Municipality of Thira, GEOTHIRA, Thirean Sea, iSea, Dive In Action. Collaborated, Aegean Divers, Santorini Diving Center, Atlantis.
With a donation from the AC Laskaridis Charitable Foundation,
#aclcf, #single_use_plastic_free

Marine Observation & Report

Parallel activities for environmental research, especially in the region, derived from the habitat, the migratory species and the marine responses to climate change.

Observations on marine species in the area of the deep Caldera, which is a different pelagic environment.

Rhopilema Nomadica
Flabellina Affinis
Flabellina Affinis , eggs
Peltodoris Atromaculata

“Dive In Action” contributes to the programs of the Mass Mortality Events in the Mediterranean Sea “M. M. E. 2018” and the Aegean University, Department of  Marine Sciences. It also collaborates with the iSea Organization alien species program, collecting samples and reporting.

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Zero Gravity

Everything is ok. A signal that means we enjoy a dive in lion face reef in caldera beach santorini
Everything is ok. A signal that means we enjoy a dive in “Lion Face” reef in Caldera Beach Santorini

It’s difficult to describe an experience, if we don’t try it out first. It’s equally strange to explain anything that we can’t taste it anywhere else except the bottom of the sea. Swimming and snorkelling are hobbies we do in an environment which combines the atmospheric pressure and the liquid element. But, is this enough to realize the real sense of lack of gravity? Sure not!
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Environmental Protection

Research and monitoring of the underwater formations of Santorini’s Volcano with the method of frequent and thorough observation using citizen science. “Dive In Action” network protects the sensitive environment and the habitats. They collect any information and fill out a database for the entire research.

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Dive Against Debris

DIVE IN ACTION: The Return to a Clean, Healthy ocean

Project AWARE takes action to create both local and global change for the ocean and the communities who depend on it. For over 25 years, together with our partners and global community, we responded to the threats our ocean faces and we’ve had some incredible successes:

Project AWARE works to reduce underwater impacts of marine debris and prevent trash from entering the ocean in the first place.
Marine debris is not only unsightly, it’s dangerous to sea life, hazardous to human health, and costly to our economies. Marine animals become entangled in debris, and even mistake it for food – often with fatal results. Divers, swimmers and beach goers can be directly harmed by encounters with marine debris or its toxins. The environmental damage caused by plastic debris alone is estimated at US$13 billion a year.

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