2021 In-depth for our precious seas!

We wish the new year to bring us closer to the environment, giving us the opportunity through conditions to protect our planet and our seas. The definition of marine conservation refers to all people, and it depends on their daily habits. Then ends up in the constant need for the health of all of us and especially of our children. The future is shaped by daily habits and needs that empower creativity with an urgent need to turn to environmental consciousness. Happy new year to all of you.

In-depth for our precious seas!

Zero Gravity

Everything is ok. A signal that means we enjoy a dive in lion face reef in caldera beach santorini
Everything is ok. A signal that means we enjoy a dive in “Lion Face” reef in Caldera Beach Santorini

It’s difficult to describe an experience if we don’t try it out first. It’s equally strange to explain anything that we can’t taste anywhere else except the bottom of the sea. Swimming and snorkeling are hobbies we do in an environment which combines the atmospheric pressure and the liquid element. But, is this enough to realize the real sense of lack of gravity? Sure not!
The benefits of diving experience are.

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Environmental Protection

Research and monitoring of the underwater formations of Santorini’s Volcano with the method of frequent and thorough observation using citizen science. “Dive In Action” network protects the sensitive environment and the habitats. They collect any information and fill out a database for the entire research.

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