Volcano Diver

The distinctive specialty “Volcano Diver” of PADI is designed to provide the certified Open Water Diver with deeper understanding of the volcanic formations dive and the formation of an underwater volcano. At the same time, acquiring the Volcano Diver specialty at the unique Santorini Volcano, the diver acquires the necessary knowledge to protect sensitive volcanic formations that you can watch from the club for the protection of the volcanic formations of Santorini “Santorini Underwater Volcanic Formations” (S.U.V.F.) (SAVE underwater environment).

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With this specialty, the diver also learns to distinguish the levels of underwater lava and gains the knowledge of the fauna and flora particularities in the volcanic underwater environment.
The certification of the PADI Volcano Diver distinctive specialty is a special symbol for the diver who gets the diving experience into a geological phenomenon as the Volcano of Santorini.
The underwater tour at the volcanic chimneys that are the beginning of a volcanic eruption and the steep walls created by the retreat of vast land parts, creating the unique caldera, is undoubtedly a unique experience. The fossilized lava and its diverse composition, after the great prehistoric eruption of 1613 BC, create certainly a unique and special memory that every diver deserves to live.


  • This video is a small sample showing you how improving the buoyancy of the divers in their training for the “Volcano Diver” specialty.