ROV platform for marine protection in Santorini.

One of the important actions of environmental actions is inspection.

     The first part for the calibration of the pollutant loads, and the environmental conditions for the organization and planning of the following operational action is the inspection of the underwater area.

     To upgrade and improve the effectiveness of its actions, the Environmental Organization Dive In Action proceeds to the supply of an underwater remote-controlled vehicle (ROUV) a combination of augmented reality, long-range, and depth.

     This development improves the recording process with more data, increases the possibilities in the field with full coverage, dramatically reduces the time in the targeted planning of actions, optimizes the operational capacity, and provides possibilities for the evolution of sampling and analysis of observations.

Zero Gravity

Everything is ok. A signal that means we enjoy a dive in lion face reef in caldera beach santorini
Everything is ok. A signal that means we enjoy a dive in “Lion Face” reef in Caldera Beach Santorini

It’s difficult to describe an experience if we don’t try it out first. It’s equally strange to explain anything that we can’t taste anywhere else except the bottom of the sea. Swimming and snorkeling are hobbies we do in an environment which combines the atmospheric pressure and the liquid element. But, is this enough to realize the real sense of lack of gravity? Sure not!
The benefits of diving experience are.

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