Marine Observation & Report

Parallel activities for environmental research, especially in the region, are derived from the habitat (click here for the marine life pictures and information), the migratory species, and the marine responses to climate change. (watch the video) .

Rhopilema Nomadica
Flabellina Affinis
Flabellina Affinis , eggs
Peltodoris Atromaculata

“Dive In Action” contributes to the programs of the Mass Mortality Events in the Mediterranean Sea “M. M. E. 2018” and the Aegean University, Department of  Marine Sciences. It also collaborates with the iSea Organization alien species program, collecting samples and reporting.


iSea is an Environmental Organization founded in 2016 in Thessaloniki, Greece. Our goal is to preserve the aquatic habitats of Greece through scientific study with emphasis on the conservation of fundamental ecological functions and its main goals are:
Holistic contribution in the protection of aquatic ecosystems through informing and sensitizing the state, the stakeholders and the public to take measures where there are gaps in environmental legislation.

Diadema setosum

To look out for and information on the impact of climate change on aquatic ecosystems and
Contributing to know-how in promoting sustainable development by aiming at environmental, social and economic
iSea’s activities focus on 4 main pillars: Fisheries, Alien species, Aquatic litter, and Human and aquatic ecosystems. To achieve these goals the organization implements actions and projects, exploiting tools like sensitizing the public, Citizen Science and scientific research.
For more information about iSea you can visit their site: