Santorini scuba diving experience & Environmental Awareness:

– “Dive in Action” is a team of passionate scuba professional divers, located in Santorini Greece at the Cyclades enrolled and organized to support environmental – ranging diving activities. They offer everybody a range of diving experiences and scuba courses, including activities, diving excursions, diving courses and the distinctive specialty Volcano Diver, private diving and boat tours, snorkeling excursions. Call…

– “Santorini Active Volcanic Environment” is an Association situated in Santorini Greece at Cyclades Department and is a Marine Conservation non-profit Organisation, based on protecting the local Caldera formations and marine life that directly connected each other. It works for the increased protection of these via the Santorini Active Volcanic Environment program, which involves professional scuba divers, members, and volunteers.

You will be one of the first to explore and protect a natural underwater museum.
This is Santorini. Take action and become a “volcano diver” and you may have a unique experience for the whole of your life.
Increase your experience. You can also feel joyful because you can help us protect natural volcanic formations and marine life throughout the region. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION.