Video Gallery

Species Observations

  Video 1. Observations and records | December 2019, in the area of ​​the shipwrecks in Oia Video 2. Santorini’s marine life is particularly rich | Observation at the Volcanic Caldera area in underwater cliffs in the first third of 2019


Take action

What is marine protection? Where Conservation Meets Adventure. A global force of divers works with scuba divers across the globe to protect underwater environments. We connect the passion for ocean adventure in the deep Caldera of Santorini with the purpose of marine conservation.

Video 1. 2021 | World Oceans Day, | Underwater cleanup action, in Nea Kameni of the Volcano.

   Video 2. Summer 2020, | Actions DIA episode 1, Video 3. Summer 2020, | Actions DIA episode 2, Video 4. Summer 2020, | Actions DIA episode 3

 Video 5. Anafi Island, October 2019 | Greece, Cyclades, Aegean Sea, Video 6. Sikinos, Folegandros, Cleanup day. | Pollution Prevention 2019

Video 7. Santorini Active Volcanic Environment 2018 | Dive in Action, marine conservation

Video 8. 2050 Μore plastic than fish! | Skip the fear and be ready to take action. Video 9. Dive against debris | An adventurous cleaning up at one of the touristic areas of Santorini. Video 10. “National Geographic” – Untamed Americas Gigantic School of Rays |

Scuba diving adventures

The following video collection, comes from scuba diving programs in the Caldera Santorini region and around the island, at the southern Santorini, which are the best easy access diving sites. Check up the details of Diving in action.

Video 1. Lion Face, Caldera Beach Santorini | This is a unique volcanic reef called from scuba divers “Lion Face”. The profile of a lion is a natural sculpture that hanging in the Caldera area. The Santorinian volcanic Caldera has many formations builts a natural Geological museum.
Video 2. Santorini Diving: The bright side of life | One more day underwater, shooting the marine life in Santorini. Scorpion fishes jumping fast from side to side. Caught the moments with a Kodak PIXPRO SP360.

V3. Increase your experience  Scuba Adventure | A daily scuba diving program in the area of Santorini Caves / Jan. 2016. V4. Another day in the water | We explore Christiana island 10 miles south of Santorini.

V5. A known expedition in “Expedition Unknown”, | From the Department of Geology and Geoenvironment University of Athens, Chief Scientist Oceanologist Evi Nomikou with Navys Waterworld DC team supported Travel Channel broadcast “Expedition Unkown” to explore the deepest area in Santorini 2016. V6. Volcano Diver Specialty | A short video for the PADI distinctive specialty. V7. Old Cargo Shipwreck, 1920! | A construction of 1920, sunk around 1950 or 1960 inside the Caldera of Santorini. Scuba diving there presents the local volcanic formations combining with a very old wreck.

V8. Creatures in a night dive!  A night dive with a very good buddy, Frank, summer 2018. V9. Faces of an octopus & a spirograph /2016 | Short film from Thirasia Korfos Island. V10. Manshel reef diving site | Scuba Santorini 2010. A unique dive at Manshel reef diving site. Zolie Zoltan from Portugal’s Coimbra Diving Club was with a great team of Santorini divers.