Pollution Prevention 2019

Clean Up Day 31/07/2019 Clean Up Day 31/07/2019 CLEANUP DAY 31/07/2019

We have good results when we work together. Proof of today’s underwater and coastal cleaning in Caldera Beach. Six certified divers and six sensitized citizens removed 350kg of plastic and other pollutants from the seabed and beach.
A planned action under “Pollution Prevention 2019”
Co-organization, Municipality of Thira, GEOTHIRA, Thirean Sea, iSea, Dive In Action. Collaborated, Aegean Divers, Santorini Diving Center, Atlantis.
With a donation from the A.K. Lascaridis www.aclcf.org, https://www.facebook.com/ACLCF/
#aclcf, #single_use_plastic_free