Marine Observation & Report

Parallel activities for environmental research, especially in the region, derived from the habitat, the migratory species and the marine responses to climate change.

Observations on marine species in the area of the deep Caldera, which is a different pelagic environment.

Rhopilema Nomadica
Flabellina Affinis
Flabellina Affinis , eggs
Peltodoris Atromaculata

“Dive In Action” contributes to the programs of the Mass Mortality Events in the Mediterranean Sea “M. M. E. 2018” and the Aegean University, Department of  Marine Sciences. It also collaborates with the iSea Organization alien species program, collecting samples and reporting.

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Environmental Protection

Research and monitoring of the underwater formations of Santorini’s Volcano with the method of frequent and thorough observation. Santorini Divers network protect the sensitive environment and the habitats. They collect any information and fill out a database for  the entire research.

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