The current situation is not the status!

  • Huge amounts of pollutants accumulate in the seas at depths that often make it impossible to lift them. This creates a volume of materials that do not pollute only with its view and existence. It is the largest source of pollution with unpredictable effects on the environment, which does not have those comparable data, nor the studies that can estimate the extent of the damage they are causing now and will cause in the future.
    Sending a distress signal, the vital water surface of the planet that covers 73% of the earth requires only one thing from humanity. Changing simple daily habits by limiting the use of plastic packaging.
    – Say No in disposable plastics

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2021 In-depth for our precious seas!

We wish the new year to bring us closer to the environment, giving us the opportunity through conditions to protect our planet and our seas. The definition of marine conservation refers to all people, and it depends on their daily habits. Then ends up in the constant need for the health of all of us and especially of our children. The future is shaped by daily habits and needs that empower creativity with an urgent need to turn to environmental consciousness. Happy new year to all of you.

In-depth for our precious seas!