Video Gallery

The video collection comes from scuba diving programs in the Caldera region and around the island, especially southern Santorini, which are the best easy access diving sites.

V1. Increase your experience  Scuba Adventure | A daily scuba diving program in the area of Santorini Caves. V2. Another day in the water | We explore Christiana island 10 miles south of Santorini.

V3. A known expedition in “Expedition Unknown”, | From the Department of Geology and Geoenvironment University of Athens, Chief Scientist Oceanologist Evi Nomikou with Navys Waterworld DC team suported Travel Channel broadcast “Expedition Unkown” to explore the deapest area in Santorini 2016. V4. Volcano Diver Specialty | A short video for the PADI distinctive specialty. V5. Caves area | A tribute to scuba diving broadcast for the local Cyclades channel. A diving day with Aegean Divers at the caves area.